Surgical Treatment of Impacted Lower Canine Transmigration – case report

George Táccio Miranda Candeiro, Rodrygo Nunes Tavares


The occurrence of impacted lower canine is not uncommon in daily
clinical dental practice. Thus, several treatment modalities are
proposed, with the main objective of trying to reposition the tooth to
the dental arch and stabilize the occlusion, promoting an aesthetic
and functional harmony. However, the orthodontic traction of teeth
when present in the mandibular midline becomes difficult to be
realized. The aim of this article was report the surgical treatment
under local anesthesia and intra-oral access, an impacted lower
canine on mentual region. Due to the horizontal position of the tooth
and bone density site, orthodontic traction was discarded. With the aid
of radiographic images, surgical planning was performed with great
precision. It was concluded that the radiographic exams, especially
the panoramic radiography, are important for planning and
implementation of treatment in cases of lower canines with
transmigration, is also crucial to the multidisciplinary approach
involving the ortho-surgical planning.


Diagnosis; Tooth, Impacted; Surgery; Oral


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