Immediate loading implants in elderly patients: a case report in mandible

Rafael Gustavo Dal Moro, Marco Aurélio Camargo da Rosa, Julio Baldisseroto, Leonardo Borba Soll, Dalva Maria Pereira Padilha


The number of elderly people is increasing, so the amount of dental needs has been higher and more complex. Rehabilitation of conventional removable dentures is not always capable to restore function and esthetics to the elderly patient. The discovery of osseointegration principles allowed the rehabilitation with implant supported dentures as an alternative to the conventional rehabilitation. Age is not a counter-indication for dental implants. Studies have shown similar success rates for implants in both young and older patiens. Dental implant technique was initially clone in two surgical stages. However, recently new findings have demonstrated similar rates between delayed and immediate loading. Immediate loading allows to simplify the technique, to reduce costs and to attend a patient's expectation in a short period of time. This paper presents a case report of oral rehabilitation with the immediate loading implant technique in a geriatric patient at the Faculty of Dentistry of Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.


Dental care for aged; Aging; Dental implants


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