Development of resin-based bioactive endodontic cements with glycerol salicylate and calcium silicate

Rafaela Cassaro Pistorello, Gabriela de Souza Balbinot, Vicente Castelo Branco Leitune, Fabricio Mezzomo Collares


Introduction: The combination of sol-gel derived calcium silicate particles and glycerol salicylate resins may enhance the pyhisico-chemical properties contribute to the understanding of the interaction between these materials. This study aims to evaluate the physical-chemical properties of resin-based bioactive endodontic cements with glycerol salicylate resins and calcium silicate particles. Materials and methods: Calcium silicate was produced by the sol-gel route, while the resin was produced by mixing 60wt% glycerol salicylate, 30wt% methyl salicylate and 10wt% distilled water. Calcium silicate was added in three different concentrations, 50, 40 and 25% by weight. The cement was tested for setting time, flow, radiopacity and pH. Results: The 50:50 group shows the time of 15min8s while the 75:25 shows the time of 256min13s (p<0.05). The 50:50 group has a lower flow (15.156mm) compared to 60:40 (23.588 mm) and 75:25 (25.396 mm). All radiopacity values were below 3mmAl. All groups showed a pH increase up to 24 hours and the pH value drop was inversely proportional to the amount of calcium silicate. Discussion: Bioactive calcium silicate particles were used in a composite material with a glycerol salicylate resin. Among the tested cements, the combination of 50wt% calcium silicate particles to 50wt% glycerol salicylate resin showed adequate setting time and promoted an increase in water pH. Conclusion: The 50:50 group showed the setting time and the pH, showing that these materials may be able to promote enhanced biological response. The adjustment of flow and radiopacity should be considered for its clinical application.


Regenerative endodontics; Dental cements; Resin cements; Glycerol; Biocompatible materials

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