Rarefaction: imagetic paradoxes (cross-breeding in the pictorial poetics of a rarefied videographic image)

Ricardo Perufo Mello


This brief essay was based on the subject “Processos Híbridos na Arte Contemporânea” (Hybrid processes in contemporary art), lectured by professor Sandra Ray in the Post-Graduation course of Visual Arts, UFRGS. Here will be presented some of the main ideas of the research on visual poetics that is being developed in the course, punctually considering the concepts of cross-breeding and hybridism and their respective applications as theoretical instruments. The research encompasses photography means (as the producer of images that, through a precise process, are faithfully painted) and paintings means (as the result) in its intersections, being its main historical referential the Hyperrealist movement.


contemporary painting; cross-breeding; hybridism; photography; videographic image

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22456/2179-8001.37950

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