Creating Digital Musical Instruments with libmosaic-sound and Mosaicode




Mosaicode, Digital Musical Instrument, Code generation, Library development


Music has been influenced by digital technology over the last few decades. With the computer and the Digital Musical Instruments, the musical composition could trespass the use of acoustic instruments demanding to musicians and composers a sort of computer programming skills for the development of musical applications. In order to simplify the development of musical applications several tools and musical programming languages arose bringing some facilities to lay-musicians on computer programming to use the computer to make music. This work presents the development of a Visual Programming Language (VPL) to develop DMI applications in the Mosaicode programming environment, simplifying sound design and making the creation of digital instruments more accessible to digital artists. It is also presented the implementation of libmosaic-sound library, which supported the VPL development, for the specific domain of Music Computing and DMI creation.


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