Evaluation and data analysis of user experience for the Doctrina system: a skilled tutor


  • Danielli Araújo Lima LICRO IFTM
  • Guilherme Pereira Santos Silva IFTM
  • Gustavo Pereira Santos Silva IFTM
  • Henrique Yudy Franco IFTM
  • Igor Amalfi da Fonseca IFTM
  • Rafael Machado de Oliveira IFTM




Gamification, Nielsen heuristics, intelligent tutoring system, user experience, bio-inspired computing, reinforcement learning


Gamification is a growing concept and very popular mainly with young audiences. In the education context its application allows not only ex-tra motivation by the student, but also a capacity for greater abstraction to more complex concepts. The purpose of this work is to present, through a software, de-veloped specifically for mobile devices, a gamified environment for the teaching-learning process. The software will work in a personalized way for each student through the intelligent tutor system, based on bio-inspired algorithms, aligned with reinforcement learning practices and hierarchy graph structures. A syste-matic analysis of system usability system was performed through globally known heuristics. Finally, the user responses were analyzed with the objective of dis-covering patterns for system improvement.


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ARAÚJO LIMA, D.; PEREIRA SANTOS SILVA, G.; PEREIRA SANTOS SILVA, G.; YUDY FRANCO, H.; AMALFI DA FONSECA, I.; MACHADO DE OLIVEIRA, R. Evaluation and data analysis of user experience for the Doctrina system: a skilled tutor. Revista Novas Tecnologias na Educação, Porto Alegre, v. 19, n. 2, p. 132–141, 2022. DOI: 10.22456/1679-1916.122071. Disponível em: https://seer.ufrgs.br/index.php/renote/article/view/122071. Acesso em: 26 fev. 2024.