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  • Bryan Brown University of Exeter


Theatre Laboratory, Social Innovation, Social Labs, Design Thinking, Maketank


This article situates the theatre laboratory in the history of social innovation and attempts to show how the twenty-first century phenomenon of social labs productively offer modes of thinking that can usefully inform contemporary conceptions of the theatre laboratory. Through an examination of Maketank, a fledgling organization in Exeter, UK, the article proposes a new organisational approach called the cultural laboratory that combines principles of both the theatre and social lab with the aim of extending the theatre laboratory into broader realms of cultural action.


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Biografia do Autor

Bryan Brown, University of Exeter

Bryan Brown is an artist-scholar, currently Senior Lecturer at the University of Exeter, co-director of visual theatre company ARTEL (American Russian Theatre Ensemble Laboratory), and advisor to cultural laboratory Maketank. Recent writing includes the monograph A History of the Theatre Laboratory as well as “Educating the Director”, a co-authored extended chapter on Meyerhold for The Great European Stage Directors Vol. 2.  He is also editorial board member of Theatre Dance and Performance Training and co-curator of the journal’s blog.



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