v. 20 n. 3 (2000): Revista HCPA

Research, assistance, and education

In this issue of the Revista HCPA we address the subject of nephrology
with the support of Dr. Roberto Manfro, who partakes in this journal as an
Associate Editor. The studies published here are a small example of the
comprehensive work that is being carried out by professionals of the Nephrology
Services at the Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre. Created in 1975, the
Nephrology Services has maintained an up-to-date and efficient service by
combining research - with inpatient and outpatient settings - and programs
aimed at assistance and education.
As a contribution to the maintenance of the quality of the Services, a
Graduate course program in Nephrology was created also in the 1970s. The
program operates, until today, as part of the Graduate studies in Nephrology
of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. Recently, the Graduate
course has also started a doctorate program and it also accepts students
192 Revista HCPA 2000;20 (3)
from schools other than the Medical, such as those from the areas of biological
We would like to thank all contributions sent to the Revista HCPA
and also to call on all authors to participate in the disseminating and promoting
of research at the Hospital de Clínicas through this journal. The Revista HCPA
is now also a publishing instrument at the services of the Fundação Médica
do Rio Grande do Sul (State of Rio Grande do Sul Medical Foundation) and
will be able to count on the support of the Foundation to extend its reach.
Eduardo Passos

Publicado: 2022-06-23

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