v. 20 n. 1 (2000): Revista HCPA

Revista HCPA: 20 years

Revista HCPA reaches the new millenium with a young soul: at year
2000, we celebrate its 20th anniversary. During this time, it has fulfilled its role
as a vehicle for the dissemination of biomedical research and health education.
More than that, it has fulfilled its mission of giving visibility to the research
carried out at Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, and as a result to the high
quality of this Institution. This responsibility is renewed with every new issue of
Revista HCPA. Our journal becomes, over and over again, a forum for scientific
debate, gathering all of those who believe that research is intimately associated
with quality of life.
The publication of Revista HCPA abstracts in the Internet has prompted
several requests for articles and subscriptions from Brazilian and foreign
4 Revista HCPA 2000;20 (1)
universities. Starting in 2000, the Medical Foundation at HCPA will take over
the administration and distribution of Revista HCPA; this will certainly mean
more subscriptions and sponsorship opportunities. Also, it will mean more
exposure, and therefore authors should feel more encouraged than ever to
publish their work in Revista HCPA. As we enter the last year in this millenium,
we reaffirm our responsibilities: to make things happen and to make them
visible; and to confirm the importance of Revista HCPA as a major link between
peers and between our Hospital and the communities it serves.
Finally, as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Revista HCPA, we would
also like to acknowledge the work of all previous editors – Professor Nilo Galvão,
Professor Sérgio Menna Barreto, and Professor Luiz Lavinsky – the joint effort
of all who have dedicated their time to this project has made it a lasting success.

Eduardo Passos

Publicado: 2022-06-15

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