Call for papers. Dossier (Theme): "History and Heritage: theoretical and methodological issues"



Purpose of the dossier:

This dossier aims to compile articles that concentrate on theoretical and methodological issues regarding three possibilities of interface between history and heritage. The first one, which has been accepted not only by strictu sensu post-graduate programs in History but also by a myriad of interdisciplinary programs created in Brazil in the last decades, focuses on  the academic investigations about the processes of patrimonialization and uses of the past. The second possibility addresses the performance of the professional historian on a battlefield, examining the clashes regarding practices and representations about cultural goods and the past. Finally, the third interface is related to the teaching of history and involves more specifically Brazilian educational policies, which have placed patrimony as an axis of transversal approaches in the school curriculum. In any of these areas of study on heritage, a solid theoretical and methodological development constitutes a prerogative for the advancement of reflection on the specificity of the contributions of historical knowledge to this topic, as well as for the interdisciplinary sharing and debate with the other areas involved. Hence, the History and Heritage Dossier (Dossiê História e Patrimônio) is an invitation for researchers to systematize their theoretical and methodological reflections on the possibilities of the interface listed above. It aims to discuss the authors and concepts used, as well as the methodologies put into action in order to sort out problems. To pursue this objective, case studies should be avoided unless they contribute to the comprehension of the theoretical and methodological issues addressed.

Organizers of the dossier: Dr. Zita Possamai (Post-Graduate Program in Museology and Heritage and Post-Graduate Program in Education UFRGS) and Dr. Alessander Kerber (Post-Graduate Program in History UFRGS)