Call for Papers: Forms of Religiosity in Italy (XIII-XV centuries)


Call for Papers: Forms of Religiosity in Italy (XIII-XV centuries)

Organisers: Igor Teixeira (UFRGS), Marina Benedetti (UNIMI), Pierre Savy (EFR)

Our main goal is to foster discussion regarding documents on different religious manifestations (directly or indirectly produced), in the Italian Peninsula. This dossier will deal mainly with Christianity, but Judaism and Islam will also be contemplated. We invite submissions on themes such as: religious/devotional manifestations and practices; the emergence, constitution and regulation of religious communities (be those institutionalised or not); the definition of “orthodoxy” and of non-conforming currents; the creation of spaces for political, cultural, economic and social action, and the interaction between the religious realm and those spaces.

Anos 90 Journal welcomes submissions by PhD holders in Portuguese, Spanish, French, English and Italian.

All papers must be in accordance with the journal’s regulations; papers will be considered for publication using blind peer review.

Submission deadline: 30 September 2021

Expected Publication: 2022