Call for papers. Dossier: The International Labor Organization and the Americas: connections and influences


The period for submitting articles to the dossier "The International Labor Organization and the Americas: connections and influences" is open until February 10th, 2020.

Dossier editors: Dra. Laura Caruso (Universidad de San Martín, Argentina) e Dr. Norberto O. Ferreras (Universidade Federal Fluminense).

The International Labor Organization has been present in the institutional life in the Americas since it was founded in 1919. The ILO discussed the main issues of working legislation in the 20th Century and part of the 21st Century. Issues such as child labor, female labor, hours of work and different categories of work, among other issues were dealt with in plenary meetings and technical committees. The initial objective of the ILO was to establish universal parameters that could be applied in different countries. This objective has changed over time by incorporating into the interests of the institution, other social issues, and sectors such as indigenous workers, for example. From the universalist perspective, the ILO shifted to another perspective more attentive to regional peculiarities. The purpose of the dossier will be to understand the relations between the ILO and the different American actors, the policies aimed at the region and the appropriations made by the social actors throughout its existence.