Call for papers. Dossier: Feminist and LGBTQ + struggles for democracy in Brazil


The period for submitting articles to the dossier "Feminist and LGBTQ + struggles for democracy in Brazil" is open until January 31th, 2019 

This dossier intends to historicize and problematize the feminist and LGBTQ + (Lesbian, Gay, Transvestite, Transsexual etc.) struggles for democracy in Brazil. We prioritize temporal milestones, the second half of the twentieth century, when international feminism emerges, and in Brazil, feminisms of the "second wave" and the homosexual movement; and the first decades of the 21st century, when these movements multiply and diversify subjects, demands and strategies of mobilization. Therefore, researches that are concerned with historically analyzing the resistance strategies undertaken by women and LGBTQ +, from the end of the civil-military dictatorship, in the period of redemocratization, in the last democratic governments, but also in the present time. We will discuss how democracy - a word present in pamphlets, periodicals, publications, street demonstrations and other interventions - was mobilized in the struggles of these subjects. If, as Michel de Certeau (2008) points out, the historiographic practice - from the gathering of documents to the writing of the book - is entirely relative to the "structure of society", it is urgent to think of these struggles in the present time, marked by the advance of the ultraconservative and the rise of feminicide and LGBTophobia.