“I feel that the mundane has been incorporated”: a conversation with Maria Helena Bernardes


  • Eduardo Ferreira Veras PPGAV-IA-UFRGS
  • Maria Helena Bernardes




Interview, Maria Helena Bernardes, Collaborative situations, Daily life, Narrative.


In an interview with Eduardo Veras, artist Maria Helena Bernardes reviews different topics of her life history after the rupture represented by Vaga em Campo de Rejeito, which began in 2001 and marks her growing interest in a less expressive and more communicational dimension of the artist’s work. The interviewee emphasizes the discovery – from situations of collaborative nature – of new ways of understanding daily life and the experience of being in the world. In the conversation, Maria Helena also comments on the exercise of writing and the pleasure of building narratives.


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Biografia do Autor

Eduardo Ferreira Veras, PPGAV-IA-UFRGS

He is an art critic and historian. He also works as independent curator. As an Adjunct Professor of the UFRGS Arts Institute, he teaches classes and advises research in the Graduate Program in Visual Arts and in the Bachelor’s Degree in Art History. His work focuses on the following themes: art historiography and criticism in contemporary times; relations between word and image; artists in displacement and interviews with artists. He is a member of the Brazilian Art History Committee and the Deliberative Council of Vera Chaves Barcellos Foundation.

Maria Helena Bernardes

She is an artist and a teacher. She co-authored the Areal Project and created the Morro da Borússia Sensitivities Observatory. Her books, essays and chronicles revolve around artistic experiences, oral narratives, reflections on art and adventures shared with other artists. Her publications include Histórias de Península e Praia Grande/Arranco, Dilúvio, Ensaio, A Estrada que Não Sabe de Nada, Em Torno de Nadja, Pequenas Crônicas à Distância e Daqui Mesmo and A Praia.

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Veras, E. F., & Bernardes, M. H. (2018). “I feel that the mundane has been incorporated”: a conversation with Maria Helena Bernardes. PORTO ARTE: Revista De Artes Visuais (Qualis A2), 22(37). https://doi.org/10.22456/2179-8001.80097