A point to the South


  • Maria Lucia Cattani




Um ponto ao Sul. Scattered Loves. Artist's book.


This artist’s book is an integral part of a work entitled "Um ponto ao sul" (A point to the South), which consists of a unique bookwork placed in the rare books collection of the Biblioteca Pública do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and an offset print version of the same book in an edition of 1080. The unique book was developed from an invented script which was laser cut onto 12 wood blocks. The page illuminations are based on fragments of the wall decorations in the Biblioteca.


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Biografia do Autor

Maria Lucia Cattani

Plastic artist and Professor at the Arts Institute of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), where she taught at the undergraduate (1985-2013) and graduate (1999-2013) courses. Cattani holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts by UFRGS (1981), a master's degree by the Pratt Institute of New York (1990), a doctorate degree by the University of Reading, England (1998), and a postdoc by the University of the Arts London (2008). Her artistic research includes proposals in various means and media, including printmaking, painting, artist book and video.

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Cattani, M. L. (2016). A point to the South. PORTO ARTE: Revista De Artes Visuais (Qualis A2), 20(34). https://doi.org/10.22456/2179-8001.62326



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