Special Issue on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

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We are very pleased to announce a special issue, to be published in 2018, on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in the Revista de Informática Teórica e Aplicada (RITA). The development of Bioinformatics has greatly accelerated and even renovated the research on Life Sciences, including major breakthroughs in Molecular Biology, Genomics, Biomedical Applications, Biomolecular Structure Modeling, among many other areas. Thus, we propose a special issue of RITA, focusing on such advances. 

Papers must be written in English, according to the RITA formatting guidelines. Only full papers are accepted for submission. Papers will be refereed through a blind process for technical merit and content. 

TOPICS OF INTEREST (not limited to): 
-Machine Learning techniques with application in Bioinformatics
-Evolutionary Computation in Bioinformatics
-Multi-Objective Algorithms for Bioinformatics problems(phylogenic inference, molecular -docking, protein structure prediction, etc)
-Big Data in Bioinformatics
-Heuristics and Meta-Heuristics in Bioinformatics
-Parallel and High Performance Computing for DNA/Protein sequence analysis, Structural Simulation, etc
-Methods and Computational Strategies for Structural Bioinformatics
-Data Mining Techniques and Algorithms for Bioinformatics
-Computational Solutions for Omics Data
-Information Visualization Techniques in Bioinformatics (biological network analysis, structural bioinformatics, genomics data, etc)

Paper Submission Deadline: Dec, 1, 2017 
First Round Notification: Jan, 5, 2018 
Revision: Jan, 30, 2018 
Final Decision: Feb, 15, 2018
Publication Date: Mar, 15, 2018 

Dr. Márcio Dorn
Institute of Informatics, UFRGS Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil

Dr. Rodrigo Ligabue-Baun
Center for Biotechnology, UFRGS Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil 

Dr. Mario Inostroza-Ponta
Dept. Ingeniería Informática, USACH Santiago - Chile

Dr. Hugo Verli
Center for Biotechnology, UFRGS Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil 

Publicado: 2017-09-08
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