On-lot drainage systems with rain water infiltration wells

Ricardo Prado Abreu Reis, Lúcia Helena de Oliveira, Maurício Martinés Sales


The building of large impermeable surfaces in urban spaces hinders rain water infiltration in occupied surfaces, causing natural water unbalance due to the increase in surface water flow volume and urban floods. On-lot drainage systems may help to reestablish the water balance that existed before occupation. The objective of this article is to propose design parameters for rain water infiltration wells. An experimental infiltration well was built, and tests were carried out to assess the performance and to determine the main operational characteristics of this system. The following parameters were evaluated: infiltration rate, soil structural capacity, and void-filling development. Results showed improvement of soil infiltration capacity, the need of regular maintenance, and care with soil structural stability. Design parameters and minimum performance requirements for infiltration wells were proposed.


Drenagem na fonte; Infiltração de água pluvial; Poço de infiltração; Água pluvial

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