Large urban projects: concepts and references

Clóvis Ultramari, Denis Alcides Rezende


This article discusses conceptual aspects of a phenomenon of growing importance in contemporary cities, including the Brazilian ones: the large scale urban interventions, or megaprojects. In this discussion, such interventions are contextualized in their international historical roots and discussed as part of a possible national urban policy. Despite recognizing risks and recurrent problems in this kind of physical intervention in urban spaces, the article speculates on its potential benefits and its importance for changes in the cities. The main sources of information were mainly secondary, both for the case studies and for the discussion of those interventions in the context of urban planning. Another source of data was the analysis of some designs previously made by the authors. The conclusions indicate the need to discuss this kind of urban interventions, searching for mechanisms to reduce their externalities, provide transparency in processes produced by them, and increase chances to make them an important element of a broader urban policy for the city.


Grandes projetos urbanos; Grandes intervenções urbanas; Renovação urbana; Áreas centrais

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